Alfiplast Backing sheet

Alfiplast Backing sheet for drawing boards

Product Description

Alfiplast is available in a range of sizes to suit most drawing boards and also in a 15 metre roll. Coloured ivory on one side and pale green on the other – either side may be used. Rather than purchasing new, Alfiplast restores “tired” or damaged drawing boards. It is pleasant to work on and provides an excellent surface for both pen and pencil work.

Alfiplast is also waterproof making it useful when used to protect other surfaces such as tables or work benches. To attach the Alfiplast sheet simply use the double sided adhesive strip provided.

(The image shows a partially unrolled sheet with the brown despatch tube)

Please note our A0 size is a convenient 1200 x 850mm which may be smaller than some old UK A0 boards.

Buy the next size 1500 x 1000 and trim to fit your board.

To ensure you purchase the correct size please see our measurements;

Available in 6 Sizes:




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