BF13 Professional twin column stand

BF 13 Professional Drafting Stand

Product Description

A high quality professional drafting stand, in white, ideal for artists, architects and designers.
To change the height and angle, simply press the full width foot pedal while simultaneously and effortlessly adjusting the board to your preference. The twin column stand is perfectly balanced by mechanical springs to compensate for uneven floors.
  • Professional twin column stand.
  • Perfectly balanced by mechanical springs.
  • Synchronised height and angle.
  • Locking by multiple disc-plates.
  • Control by safety pedal.
  • Height range (horizontal board): 870mm – 1150mm
  • Suggested board sizes;
  • 1200mm x 850mm, 1400mm x 850mm,
  • 1500mm x 1000mm & 1700mm x 1000mm. Please see attached link for the boards,


Please note this price is for the drafting stand only


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