BFline AL8 AL10

Bieffe AL10, 30 Drawer A0 Plan Chest

Product Description

The Bieffe AL Line 30 drawer Plan Chest is also available in A1 and A0+ sizes. The plan chest comprises of 3 x  10 drawer units. Each slim line single drawer is 30mm deep, with full length handle and label holder.

The Plan Chest is complete with metal top and safety lock.

The dimmension differs from that of the other A0 plan chests and are as follows:-
985mm x 1410mm x 1530mm high (excluding plinth or wheeled base)

Available in White, Black or Pearl Grey (Ral 7035) – Bespoke colours POA

Shown here on the optional plinth. (Also available are optional melamine or glass tops – see plan chest accessories)

Please contact us for information on delivery and installation of large items.


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